Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.

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Steve and his wife, Peggy

Steve Brigance, pictured here with his family shortly before the accident that took the life of his mother, is the founder and Chief People Officer of 4OurElders.  He is on a mission to improve eldercare across America by assisting families who have the incredible responsibility of assisting a loved one in selecting a new home.

He does this in an eldercare housing environment where the deck is stacked against those trying to find the hard, if not impossible to find, information that identifies homes that give the best care and service.

He is doing this for two compelling reasons.

By convincing our clients and, over time, regulators, legislators, insurers and the industry itself that 1) the only acceptable primary focus (GOAL) in Elder Care--for ANY of the constituencies, whether provider, consumer, payor, insuror or regulator-- is care and service and that 2) the only acceptable goal of Elder Care and service is PERFECTION.

By using seasoned professionals and copyrighted measurement, evaluation and reporting tools to provide our clients, insurance companies, regulators, legislators and the providers themselves with ratings of care and service based on key PEOPLE metrics throughout the organization.  People make the critical difference when it comes to care and service and no one out there measures them effectively and in real time the way 4OurElders can and will do.

What else will 4OurElders do for care and service in the elder care industry to “put its money where its mouth is?” First, we seek to “partner” with long term care state health care associations in every state we work in by donating up to 2% of our net individual client profit to those associations for earmarked care and service projects that are jointly designed but administered by the local associations themselves. We will also contribute up to 8%

And remember, all of these things will be done by 4OurElders for our individual clients without taking one penny from any source other than our clients—no finders’ fees from the facility, no co-payments from other providers, no advertising revenues on our sites, no payments for our self-improvement reports to the facility that result from client-based retainers.  No other income sources whatsoever. We will remain steadfastly independent and free of any motivation other than using our people, tools and processes to find the best possible residence for each of our clients and more broadly to improve care and service for every person residing in elder care housing throughout the U.S.

It has been said "bad things happen to good people -- what matters most is HOW good people respond."

"The more noble goal is NOT to control or manipulate people with whom we disagree, it is to learn from them."

When you have responsibilty for a person's happiness, health, safety, and their life itself, the only acceptible goal is perfection -- the only acceptable effort is "your all."

"Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger."  "If you have the right 'why' then you can put up with any 'how.'" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Always remember that if you have a loved one in a home, and they do not suffer from dementia of any kind, and they are otherwise cognizant and competent, let them be the best judge as to how they are doing.  It is, after all, their life.


4OurElders ...where perfection is the only acceptable goal

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