Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.

Propositions/Beliefs Propelling 4OurElders

  1. Institutional, Residential Elder Care in this country today ("Elder Care) is a critical service facing incredible, never before experienced growth over the next decade.
  2. We regrettably believe that the state of Elder Care is unworthy of us as a society and a culture and constitutes an imminent threat to America's Integrity.
  3. Elder Care FAR too often focuses on the wrong goals; most disturbing is that FAR too often census/filling the beds takes priority over care and service.
  4. Wrong goals, not unexpectedly, have resulted in cues, individual habits and corporate routines and rewards, which far too often for far too many residents and families result in catastrophic Elder Care outcomes.

Things Must Change, but how?  What hasn't worked to improve Elder Care?

  1. Regulations/regulators
  2. Lawsuits/verdicts--for plaintiffs or defendants
  3. Tort reform
  4. Caregivers giving their all
  5. Industry consolidation and predicted efficiencies and improvements of larger companies
  6. Consumer preferences based on imperfect if not erroneous information

What will 4OurElders do to help make Elder Care something America can be proud of?

  1. Help consumers--prospective residents and their families--change their individual goals, cues, habits and rewards when it comes to choosing Elder Care.
  2. Help regulators and legislators re-evaluate goals, cues, habits, routines and rewards when it comes to legislating and regulating Elder care providers.
  3. Help the Elder care industry itself choose to change ITS own goals, cues, habits, routines and rewards--one home, one city, and one state at a time--based on the demands of consumers, regulators, legislators and the marketplace.

How will 4OurElders accomplish its mission?

By convincing our clients and, over time, regulators, legislators, insurers and the industry itself that 1) the only acceptable primary focus (GOAL) in Elder Care--for ANY of the constituencies, whether provider, consumer, payor, insuror or regulator-- is care and service and that 2) the only acceptable goal of Elder Care and service is PERFECTION.

By using seasoned professionals and copyrighted measurement, evaluation and reporting tools to provide our clients, insurance companies, regulators, legislators and the providers themselves with ratings of care and service based on key PEOPLE metrics throughout the organization.  People make the critical difference when it comes to care and service and no one out there measures them effectively and in real time the way 4OurElders can and will do.

4OurElders ...where perfection is the only acceptable goal

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