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In 36 years of practice, Steven A. Brigance has been fortunate to represent many Fortune 500 companies in complex litigation, mergers, acquisitions and other transformative transactions. He has had a broad array of clients from the Federal Government to Railroads to Utilities to Healthcare companies across America and Canada.  Mr. Brigance has devoted the last 13 years to healthcare generally and to long-term care specifically. He was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Litigation for Beverly Enterprises from 2000 to 2006. Mr. Brigance is also the Founder and Chairman of both 4OurElders, Inc. and Litigation Solutions Group, LLC. The former company is a national organization that works with residents, families and LTC companies to improve safety, care and service.  Litigation Solutions Group works with companies to resolve major litigation matters and to redesign and implement better business practices so as to avoid future litigation.  Mr. Brigance is a frequent speaker on business redesign and motivation as well as how and why to bring improvement in healthcare generally and in LTC specifically. 

4OurElders ...where perfection is the only acceptable goal

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