Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.

It has been said, "bad things happen to good people -- what matters most is HOW good people respond."

"The more noble goal is NOT to control or manipulate people with whom we disagree, it is to learn from them."

When you have responsibility for a person's happiness, health, safety, and their life itself, the only acceptable goal is perfection -- the only acceptable effort is "your all."

"Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger."  "If you have the right 'why' then you can put up with any 'how.'" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Always remember that if you have a loved one in a home, and they do not suffer from dementia of any kind, and they are otherwise cognizant and competent, let them be the best judge as to how they are doing.  It is, after all, their life.

If you have questions regarding Medicare, Insurance or care, service or safety questions in long-term care facilities of any type, give us a call or drop us a note and we will try to address your question at no cost and in ‘real time.’

We want to help you make the best, most affordable long-term care housing decision for yourself or a loved one and to get all you are entitled to whatever your circumstances are. Now, this is FREE service you can count on, unlike those who pretend to be on your side when all the while they are taking money from the very facilities trying to get your business. We have no such conflict of interest—our ONLY interest is your interest because a better informed, information-armed consumer is the only way we can make long-term care in this country better for us all.”

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