Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Room Rate Sheet
  3. Occupancy Reports
  4. Surveys - Complaint and annual including POC and status
  5. Turnover statistics - if not kept, obtain staff data to do ourselves
  6. Resident/Family satisfaction surveys (If they don't have any, ask why not?)
  7. Resident/Family Council minutes
  8. Examples of actual complaints, investigations, and resolutions
  9. Copy of all documents a resident is required to sign
  10. Copy of actual progress notes charting examples, redacted to remove actual resident    names,  and any other routine forms used to track a resident's condition
  11. Events and Claims statistics record keeping
  12. Complaint handling and resolution
  13. 3 Month (or other available period of time) Activities Calendar
  14. 3 Month (or other available time period) Menu Cycle
  15. Employee satisfaction surveys
  16. Quality Committee make-up
  17. Governing Body make-up
  18. Residence longevity statistics-longest, shortest, average non-Medicare residence
  19. Same information for Medicare residences for last year and reason for discharge
  20. Therapy data the facility and Medicare/CMS keep to show assessments/results/outcomes


4OurElders ...where perfection is the only acceptable goal

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