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The following article lists a number of forms necessary for you to see to determine if the home you are considering is the right one for your loved one.  We use these documents as part of our assessment.

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Room Rate Sheet
  3. Occupancy Reports
  4. Surveys - Complaint and annual including POC and status
  5. Turnover statistics - if not kept, obtain staff data to do ourselves
  6. Resident/Family satisfaction surveys (If they don't have any, ask why not?)
  7. Resident/Family Council minutes
  8. Examples of actual complaints, investigations, and resolutions
  9. Copy of all documents a resident is required to sign
  10. Copy of actual progress notes charting examples, redacted to remove actual resident    names,  and any other routine forms used to track a resident's condition
  11. Events and Claims statistics record keeping
  12. Complaint handling and resolution
  13. 3 Month (or other available period of time) Activities Calendar
  14. 3 Month (or other available time period) Menu Cycle
  15. Employee satisfaction surveys
  16. Quality Committee make-up
  17. Governing Body make-up
  18. Residence longevity statistics-longest, shortest, average non-Medicare residence
  19. Same information for Medicare residences for last year and reason for discharge
  20. Therapy data the facility and Medicare/CMS keep to show assessments/results/outcomes


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