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Here we highlight those who are making a positive difference in the elder care industry.  You will find articles about changes in the laws and regulations governing the elder care industry, as well as evaluations we have done, and news we know you can use.



4OurElders recently completed a major evaluation and assessment of the Greenhurst Nursing Center in Charleston, Arkansas.  Based on 4OurElders' twenty proprietary interview forms, its individualized assessment tools, and three-tier grading grids, Greenhurst scored the highest ever seen by 4OurElders -- 95.69.  In an industry where the average score, lamentably, is projected to be in the low 70's, and a "great" facility is in the mid-80's, one can only say to the owners and staff at Greenhurst, "WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS!"

4OurElders, not unlike others in the industry, has an award.  Our award is called the 5-Heart Award for Excellence in Elder Care and Service.  We are happy to announce that we have awarded our first 5-Heart Award to the owners and staff of Greenhurst Nursing Center in Charleston, Arkansas. Click here to see articles and pictures.

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