Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.

by Sanjay Gupta, MD

Monday Mornings—Sanjay Gupta (CNN Chief Medical Correspondent)

• Look at, study and learn from your mistakes and then move on
• Beware of the “smartest guy(s) in the room”
• “Lone Wolves” are dangerous for everyone in healthcare
• Arrogance precedes every fall
• Watch out for those who always want to blame something or someone else
• Bad outcomes always have a reason—find it or wait to repeat it
• Don’t always be in a hurry—Pace Yourself
• Not everything is funny (humor is too often used in healthcare to avoid or hide the “hard stuff”
• We CANNOT do the BIG Things until we can do the small things PERFECTLY
• NOTHING should EVER be left undone when someone’s happiness, health, safety, and life itself are under your control—there is no greater point in life with greater responsibility
Coming soon—The Art of Being Unreasonable by Eli Broad, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith with Mark Reiter and the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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