Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.

by Eli Broad

Our Takeaways from the Book


  • Research before deciding and acting-research and using what you learn from it is what separates unreasonable acts from irrational ones
  • Focus on the other party's interest rather than what you want to say or do
  • Why?-always ask why you are doing something
  • The corollary to "why" is also a good thing to ask-why not?
  • Success is a starting point, not a conclusion
  • Conventional "wisdom"-"it's been tried before and cannot be done"-- is often wrong
  • Do your homework no matter how long it takes-big ideas do not happen overnight
  • Pay attention to history
  • "Shortcuts" are usually a dead-end
  • Success does not happen overnight
  • You cannot do everything yourself
  • There is value in being second in line sometimes-learn from the mistakes of the one that came just ahead of you
  • Find your "core competency"-for example, 4OurElders' core competency--our "why"-- is serving our clients by giving them peace of mind, NOT evaluating nursing homes
  • Make sound promises and offer something in return
  • Perfect your pitch and make it BIG
  • Nothing motivates like achievement
  • Selling a cause requires more than conviction
  • Know your "customers" and what they really and focus on the value you bring them
  • Make what you are "selling" matter-from the slogan to the delivery
  • High expectations, shared challenges and rewards create loyalty and success
  • Taking big risks means getting big pushback so be ready for it and know when disagreement becomes dissent on your own team and deal with it firmly but fairly
  • NEVER let another define your failures or your successes

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