Where perfection is the only acceptable goal.


Caring people serving residents, their families, our community and each other to enhance the quality of life for all of us.

•    Respect
•    Integrity
•    Collaboration
•    Excellence
•    Transparency
•    Accountability

1.    SERVICE AND GROWTH - We will be passionate about caring for and serving our residents and their families, and in seeking new residents.
2.    LEADERSHIP – We will seek to build effective leaders at every level of the organization.
3.    SIMPLICITY – We will focus on the fundamentals.
4.    IMPROVEMENT – We will get a little better each day.
5.    STEWARDSHIP – We will be stewards of all our resources.
6.    ATTITUDE – We will enthusiastically support each other in accomplishing our mission and goals.
7.    PERSEVERANCE – We will never give up.
8.    TRANSPARENCY—We will keep and make available key care and service metrics so that others who should be able to can and do judge how we are doing.
9.    ACCOUNTABILITY—We don’t hide balls!  Each of us is an “owner” of everything that happens in our community and we actively look for problems, find them and fix them asap at every level as part of the ownership process and responsibility.

10. CELEBRATION -- we celebrate often because we strive everyday to do things that justify celebration—for ourselves and for those we serve.

Fort Pierce, Florida



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