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Sorry to be so long in updating this information but I have been fortunate enough over the last year to have the opportunity to speak each semester at the college of nursing at Keiser University here in FL to both  the ASN and BSN students on ethics, safety and quality in Healthcare. It is wonderful to speak to these students who want so much to make a difference in people’s lives.

I also have been invited to speak once a quarter over the last several years to healthcare providers at Mission Senior Living,  headquartered in Reno NV and with senior living and memory care homes in the west, southwest and northwest. What a mission-based and wonderful group of health care providers. I am constantly challenging and being challenged by these great people and those they have the privilege to serve.

Over the last three  years  I have been able to speak regularly to the healthcare providers partnered with Family Health and wellness with 16+ programs around the country for young people with mental and emotional needs. What a challenge these providers face and deliver on each and every day.

I sure enjoyed speaking to Mission Senior Living Leaders in Reno NV last month. Those three days were special. Thanks so much.

I also enjoyed being in Phoenix, AZ in December to address and advise program  owners and leaders from all over the country who are part of the  Family Help and Wellness system.  You all do a great job for the people you serve. Thanks for the invite.

Coming up I have two opportunities to address nursing students again at Keiser University on ethics and quality in health care. I always love the energy and professionalism of these nursing students Keiser is bringing up and I look forward to seeing them February 14 and 18.

Thanks to all for these continuing opportunities to interact and learn with these wonderful healthcare providers. See you all soon. 

If you have questions regarding Medicare, Insurance or care, service or safety questions in long-term care facilities of any type, give us a call or drop us a note and we will try to address your question at no cost and in ‘real time.’

We want to help you make the best, most affordable long-term care housing decision for yourself or a loved one and to get all you are entitled to whatever your circumstances are. Now, this is FREE service you can count on, unlike those who pretend to be on your side when all the while they are taking money from the very facilities trying to get your business. We have no such conflict of interest—our ONLY interest is your interest because a better informed, information-armed consumer is the only way we can make long-term care in this country better for us all.”

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